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Prism Consult Agency

Prism Consult Co. is a group of professionals who help you make your business easier and more convenient.  We can advise you on different segmentation. 

This group has the valuable experience in consulting the companies and project decision makers to supply their need with the optimum price and time duration.



Consulting and Supply

Oil & Gas Industry

Reactors & Vessels / Main and subsidiary Compressors / Wide variety of Pumps (Process, Cooling, API610, …)

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Food & Beverage

Our consultancy is facilitator for the Food & Beverage Industry. - Products line - Packaging line - Consuming Parts

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Power Plant

Cooling & Fire Fighting Pumps (API & ISO Pumps, NFPA-20) / HRSG System / Boiler and auxiliary items / HVAC System

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Business Development

Developing products in specified market / Developing Market for...

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Our consultancy is facilitator for the Automotive Industry. Automotive Parts Assembly line Parts & Equipment Consuming Parts

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Advertising is an integral part of any industry today, regardless Urban & Physical Advertising

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Prism Consult Agency

Our main effort is to optimize time, price & technology.

We are a group of professionals with most valuable knowledge & experiences who help you facilitate your business and make it more convenient.

We can advise you on different industry segmentation.

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